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Here are some upcoming important dates:

6/20-7/29- Turn in registration (2 Proofs of Residency Required)

Letter Regarding Registration

Registration Form

New and Returning Students are required to show (2) different proofs of residency for their zoned school on or before registration day.  Proof of residency is a current (within the last 30-60 days) utility bill - electric, gas, water - with the parent's name and address printed on it.  If parents have not been living at the residence long enough to have a utility bill, a contract or lease on a house or apartment will be accepted.  Agency, government or court documentation will also be accepted.

 8/8- Registration Day

*Please bring your checkbook to pay the $65.00 school fee.  The PTO will also be selling Field Trip T-shirts (only purchase if your child needs a new one or doesn't own one)  and crew socks (new item).

8/11- First Day of School




Kindergarten Pre-Registration
School nutrition Payment

Email Address For New Parents To Westview
New Westview Parents Are you a new parent to Westview?  Do you have questions for the PTO.  Send your questions to...

Executive Board PTO Officers For 2015-2016 President- Whitney Webb Vice-President (President Elect)- LaToya Smith 2nd Vice...

Read 20 is rewarding students who read 20 minutes every day! They will reward students who read a specific number of books...

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