Read 20 Millionaire Readers
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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Read 20 is rewarding students who read 20 minutes every day!

They will reward students who read a specific number of books as prescribed per grade level for the year to be consideredRead 20 Millionaire Readers since they will have read 1,000,000 words!

Students need to keep a log (whatever type your teacher wants you to use)

Keep an individualized chart to track your progress throughout the year by month or by book (a chart is provided by Read 20 and teacher's will have them).


To qualify:

K, 1 & 2 grades: 1 reading log completed each week for 25 days

3rd grade: read 40 books averaging 100 pages per book

4th grade: read 26 books averaging 150 pages per book

5th grade: 20 books averaging 200 pages per book


What you can win:

Each Read 20 Millionaire Reader will receive a book bag tag and certificate indicating they have read 1,000,000 words

The school with the highest percentage of students reading a million words wins$10,000 for their school's library!

Come on Westview Readers, let's read 1,000,000 words and win $10,000 for our library!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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