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Science Fair Information
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Thursday, March 02, 2017
Science Fair 2017

The annual Science Fair will be held this year on Thursday, March 9th. Students in grade K-2 are invited to participate, but ALL students in grades 3-5 are required to complete a Science Fair Project. This will be a graded assignment for students in grades 3-5. Remember this is a science-based assignment, therefore your experiment should fall into one of these areas: 
  • Life
  • Physical
  • Earth Science
Select a topic that interests you, form a question regarding that topic, then test and prove an answer to this question. Use the Scientific Method in your process. Models or informational posters are not acceptable for this project; it must be a testable question. A good question can only be answered by measuring something. For example of these two questions one is a good question and one is not, decide what you think....

A. Which paper towel is the best?
B. Which paper towel absorbs the most water?

"B" is a better question. This question can be tested and measured. "A" is an opinion. Now it is your turn to come up with a good question for your Science Fair project. Please encourage and assist your child when and where he or she may need help, but remember that the project MUST be the student's work. This can and will affect the outcome of the judging and grading process if the work does not appear to be that of the student.

All projects are to come to school first thing in the morning on March 9th. They will be displayed in the gym/cafeteria by grade level for judging, viewing, and grading during the school day. Projects will go home at the end of the day except for the winning projects, which will be kept until the awards ceremony that evening where winners will be announced.

Display boards must be able to stand up on their own without support. The standard white display board is available for purchase in the office for $2.50 for your convenience.
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