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Room Parent Coordinator

Have you volunteered to be a Room Parent Coordinator this year? Below are a list of responsibilities and some sample letters of communication. Thanks so much for supporting Westview!

Congratulations and thank you for volunteering.  Westview strives for academic excellence but it takes an active, supportive community to ensure the extra-curricular activities are essential to a well-rounded education.  Your service as a "Room Parent Coordinator" is a great step in mentoring a child by example.

 Each class has a Room Parent Coordinator and room parent volunteers.   In the event of Co-Room Parent Coordinators, only one person will serve as the primary contact.

 Room Parent Coordinator Responsibilities 

  • Serves as a liason between the teacher and other room parents, organizing classroom volunteers for activities such as: classroom parties and PTO sponsored events.
  • Provides and schedules volunteers to fun their class' Fall Festival Booth
  • Ensures that each classroom party and PTO sponsored event is planned and staffed with enough volunteers, crafts, goodies, and games. The Room Parent Coordinator is not required to attend every event.
  • Will serve as the primary contact to the PTO and the parents.

 Co-Room Parent Coordinator Responsibilites 

  • Shares the Room Parent Coordinator's job. (If you share the job with a co-room parent, you may want to divide up the parties between the two of you so you each get a chance to delegate.)


1.      Meet the teacher.  Set up a time to talk with the teacher and find out: 

  • What parties and classroom events you will be responsible for (dates and times).
  • What/how many activities and/or crafts you should prepare for.
  • What food the teacher prefers (they have experience with what works).
  • Give your teacher an opportunity to express his/her expectations.
  • Share any ideas you may have for the upcoming year.
  • Ask if younger preschoolers are welcome.

 REMEMBER: The teacher lays the ground rules!!

Maintaining an open line and consistent communication with your teacher throughout the year is the key to success.

2.    Attend the Room Parent Coordinator Meeting.

3.  Plan and organize.

When planned activities are scheduled (i.e. Winter Holiday Party and Valentine's Day Party.), it is your responsibility to inform classroom parents of specific dates, time, place, as well as any needed food donations. This communication can be via phone, letter or e-mail.  It is always helpful to provide a reminder note or call to the volunteers, just prior to the event.

4.  Teacher Appreciation Week.

You are in charge of making your teacher feel "appreciated" this week.  There is a book located in the office (just ask Linda) that each teacher has filled out to help you come up with ideas of things your teacher likes/enjoys.

5.      PTO Special Events.

Throughout the year a PTO chairperson may contact you for volunteers needed for special events (i.e. Teacher Appreciation Luncheon,  AR Party, etc).   You can obtain the volunteers from your room parent list.

 6.  Harvest Hoedown Volunteers and Donations.

EVERYONE should HELP with the Harvest Hoedown to be held on Saturday, October 12th. It is our biggest fundraiser and a school wide event.

Each classroom is responsible for:

a.  manning a booth and making a sign for your booth 

b.  8-10 jazzy jars, plastic containers preferred

c.  new or gently used stuffed animals (Send in the week of Sept. 20)

Call, email, or send a letter to each family in your class to get them to volunteer for 30 minutes to an hour at your class booth. It is always helpful to send a reminder note to the volunteers with a copy of the schedule several days before the actual Harvest Hoedown. For families that cannot volunteer to man a booth they may donate the above mentioned items or even help set up and break down the booths as an option.  Also, we'd like each of you to make your booth look enticing and inviting to children by making a sign and possibly decorating.  Don't go out and spend a fortune, but make it look COOL!!

Below are examples pulled from the internet of communication ideas between you and the parents.  You may already have a system that works well for you, but for those of you who need some ideas, check these out.    Introduction Sample Letter   Sample Party Letter   Sample Party Schedule (Fall Party)   Sample Reminder Letter   Sample End of Year Party   Gingerbread House Information