About Us

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Westview School will prepare, promote, and produce lifelong learners and good citizens.


  • All children learn according to their own unique abilities using various instructional techniques and assessments.
  • Students should be challenged to reach their full potential.
  • Education is a lifelong process.
  • Children need a safe environment that is conducive to learning.
  • Learning requires collaborative decision making between school, home and community.
  • We as a school community agree to meet the policies, rules, regulations, and requirements set forth by the state, district, and federal governing bodies.


The mission of Westview Elementary School is to create a learning environment that focuses on:

              Safe surroundings
              Uniqueness of each student
              Critical reasoning skills and creativity
              College and career readiness
              Equipping students with technological proficiency
              Strong work ethics
              Strategies to support SUCCESS!

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